The most popular destination for international students, US offer unparalleled studying options for students. From media to business to higher education, the country offers a range of courses for study in USA for Indian students.


Cost of Study and Living in USA

Why Study in US:-

A degree from reputed university opens up doors to lucrative jobs. This helps students realize their American dream. The world class infrastructure and teaching ensures you get the best value for your money and efforts. The courses offered are quite flexible for students to attend and complete.


Why Study in USA


Student Visa:-

To study in US, there are three different types of student visas. One is F-1 visa which you need to study in any of the accredited colleges in US. Second is the M-1 visa which is for those students who enroll for non-academic courses such as vocational or trade. Third is the J-1 visa which is for those students who are a part of exchange program or government sponsored.


Student Visa Requirements for Study in USA



The US government offers international students scholarships in the form of Foreign Fulbright Student Program, Humphrey Fellowship Program. The private universities too offer their own scholarships to international students such as Columbia College Scholarships, Michigan University Scholarships and York University Scholarships.




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