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AIIMS-NEET Rank Counselling Program

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  • Category: XII Class
  • Brand: Psychographic Society
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₹ 15000

Rank Counselling Program

Rank  Counselling is a Revolutionary Career Counselling Program initiated by Vikas Kumar for  AIIMS-NEET top College Aspirants and their Parents. It Consists of Seat Information Counselling, Cut off Counselling-Closing Rank Counselling, Ranking Guidance, Seat Allotment Counselling, Choice Filling and Information Management.

It Includes Personal counselling, Group Counselling, Career Infopedia, SMS Alert, and Doubt clearing.

Students can enroll either for Standard or for Standard + MDCC.

Types of Rank Counselling Pogram

1.  AIIMS Counselling

2. NEET-MCC-Govt Colleges & Deemed University Counselling

3.NEET- MCC-Private Colleges Counselling

4. NEET-State Counselling

5. NEET  -Foreign Country Counselling –from 2019 onwards



It Consists of

1. Seat  Information Counselling 

  1. Overview and Its implication on students in respect to preparation and market scenario
  2.  College Wise Seats
  3. Branch Wise  Seats
  4. Category Wise  Seats-General-OBC-SC-ST


2. Cut off Counselling

Its meaning and its impact on Students

Opportunity & Challenges for Gen Category

Opportunity & Challenges for EWs Category

Opportunity & Challenges for OBC-NCL Category

Opportunity & Challenges for SC-ST Category



3. Seat Allotment Counselling

Basic Counselling Information

Step  by Step Guidance

Document Guidance


4.Goal Setting and Goal Resetting-Conflict Management

5.Decision Making

6. Choice Filling Counselling

  • Pre Choice Filling Guidance
  • Choice Filling under guidance of Experts of Psychographic  Society
  • Post Choice Filling Guidance

7.Information Management:


  1. Timely Update as and when  happens
  2. Pre  Alert  and communication
  3. Being Ready for  Entrance Exam/Result/Seat Allotment Counselling
  4. For Financial Planning
  5. For  Handling Conflicting and contradictory schedule

Notification for Entrance Exams begins in from October and Last till 31st August next year.

Information comes in pieces but has to be integrated-assimilated on time or before time to avoid last minute panic  and Rush.



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रैंक काउंसलिंग प्रोग्राम 

रैंक काउंसलिंग एक  कैरियर काउंसलिंग प्रोग्राम है जिसे  टॉप  कॉलेज के aspiring students और उनके माता-पिता के लिए विकास कुमार द्वारा शुरू किया गया है। इसमें सीट इंफॉर्मेशन काउंसलिंग, कट ऑफ काउंसलिंग-क्लोजिंग रैंक काउंसलिंग, रैंकिंग गाइडेंस, ब्रांच काउंसलिंग, प्लेसमेंट गाइडेंस, सीट अलॉटमेंट काउंसलिंग, च्वाइस फिलिंग और इंफॉर्मेशन मैनेजमेंट से जुड़े हैं।

इसमें indivisual Counselling, group counselling, कैरियर इन्फोपेडिया और एसएमएस अलर्ट / Whatsapp Alert  शामिल हैं।





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Medical Rank Counselling Program
  Standard  +DCC Standard +MDCC
AIIMS-NEET !5 % AIQ RCP Rs 7500 Rs 15000
NEET 85 % State Quota-Private Univ RCP Rs 7500 Rs 15000
Private / Deemed University RCP Rs 15000 Rs 25000
Counselling Validity Till Round 2  Till Mop up Round
AIIMS-NEET 15% AIQ RCP-FEE Payable for Standard +MDCC  
Upto AIR 1000 Rs 2000  
 Upto AIR 2000 Rs 4000  
Upto AIR 5000 Rs 4000  
Upto AIR 8000 Rs 5000  
Upto AIR 10000 Rs 7500  
Upto AIR 15000 Rs 7500  
Upto AIR 25000 Rs 10000  
Upto AIR 35000 Rs 10000  
Upto AIR 55000 Rs 12000  
AIR 55000 and Beyond Rs 15000  
Note-It includes 85% SQ-Private University  

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