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Launched by IIM Indore in 2011, the five-year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) is the first of its kind in India. The programme has been accredited by the Association of MBAs, AMBA London (4th and 5th Year). It is a unique and creative programme meant for young students with managerial and leadership aspirations. Through the IPM, IIM Indore seeks to attract young students, and mould them as outstanding leaders through a world-class education.

IPM is aimed at students who have passed out of class XII/Higher Secondary or equivalent from schools across India.


To produce contextually relevant, socially-conscious managers and leaders with a foundation of world class education in social sciences followed by management education.

Learning Goals:

Given the nature of the programme (first 3 year of UG and next 2 years of PG education) learning goals of IPM are split into those for the first 3 years and the last two years.

Learning goals for the first three years (under graduate level) of the programme:

The IPM will enable students to:

1. Demonstrate language skills

2. Demonstrate oral communication skills

3. Demonstrate knowledge of foundational subjects for management studies

4. Demonstrate an awareness of ethical understanding

5. Enhance physical well-being.

Learning goals of the last two years (Post graduate level)

Last two years of the programme are at Post-graduate level and the IPM students are mixed with the PGP programme students and they go through the same set of courses as the PGP programme. Hence the learning goals for these two years are the same as that of the PGP Programme. These goals are:

6. Enable students to understand relevance of context in business

7. Develop social consciousness

8. Develop critical thinking skills

9. Inculcate integrative thinking ability

10. Promote interpersonal awareness and ability to work in groups

11. Enable students to learn how to apply the basic principles of communication in order to write effective business messages, case analysis and reports.

12. Develop competence in quantitative analysis

13. Prepare business leaders with a sound understanding of ethics



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